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How A Divorce Lawyer Can Help The Clients?

Divorce can be emotionally draining. The legal process can make it all the worse. Constant attending to the court proceedings and the settlement takes a significant toll. If you are looking a divorce lawyer in Singapore, look no further than The Singapore Lawyer.

Without divorce lawyers, things will begin to feel even heavier. Here is how divorce lawyers help clients to deal with the process.

Grounds for divorce explanation

The divorce lawyer makes you familiar with the grounds when seeking a divorce from your spouse. Each state has diverse grounds for a spouse to file a plea for dissolution of marriage. Some states follow the no-fault divorce grounds, spouses have the right to file for a divorce case with no fault of parties and are granted the divorce for incompatibility reasons. While some states require the spouses to live separately for just a while before you can move to court for ending the divorce.

Some fault-based divorces include:

  • Adultery
  • Domestic violence
  • Abuse, etc.

A divorce lawyer is responsible to decide if the fault-based divorce is beneficial to get spousal support. Suppose that there was no legal document involved, signed or no marriage ceremony help in making the marriage legal. In this situation, a lawyer suggests filing to nullify the marriage instead than filing a divorce.

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Advice on spousal support

A divorce lawyer knows the ins and outs to deal with vary of divorce cases. The lawyer talks about the critical decision taken before finalizing the divorce. Additionally, it looks at the financial support, custody issues, and some other things that may be raised.

The divorce lawyer will serve as the mediator between Plaintiff and Defendant to avoid meeting both in person again for the possible emotional trauma of the separation.

Certain situations for spousal support are granted:

  1. A spouse is not financially strong
  2. Spouses sacrificed their careers in making way for another spouse
  3. Spouses left their job to take care of the child
  4. Both spouses have various income sources

In some situations, the spouse also is entitled in getting a percentage of interest that results in working spouse business. Additionally, the spouse is entitled to special security income or a spouse’s pension. A divorce lawyer helps determine the spousal support granted to the client per state laws.

There is more to talk about divorce under family law in Singapore. So, you must research divorce in Singapore or better consult with a divorce lawyer.