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Types of Flower Delivery Singapore for a Bouquet – The Complete Guide

One of the important things in an event like a wedding is the flower arrangements: Flowers symbolize beauty, love, and nature and represent simple but romantic beauty. As part of flower arrangements, it is important to consider the bridal bouquet, yes – the flower delivery singapore that will deliver flowers at your doors for good luck. What types of bouquet flowers can be combined?

Choosing types of flowers for the bouquet depending on the nature of the event

If it is an elegant evening wedding, the bouquet should match the atmosphere and be classic as bright white or red flowers can also be combined. Alternatively, if you are having a lighter wedding, for example, a morning wedding in nature then you can go wild in choosing the bouquet.

Match the bouquet to your style

The bouquet should be the final touch to your overall look so it should match the style of dress, makeup, and overall character on the wedding day. For example, if your wedding dress is elegant, it can match a classic bouquet in light shades.

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What is the ideal size of the bouquet?

In choosing the size of the bouquet it is important to maintain balance. It is therefore advisable to choose a small and light bouquet that will be simple to carry with you. Also, the size of the bouquet should be in some proportion to the size of the bride: for relatively low brides’ smaller bouquets will fit, while for taller brides they will be able to fit slightly larger bouquets.

Choose a bouquet that looks good

Choose a bouquet that looks good in the photos and blends in perfectly with your overall look and the design of the place. On the one hand, we want to catch the eye and not be invisible, and on the other hand, we should not let it be too massive and burdensome.

Types of flowers for a bouquet

All kinds of bouquet flowers can be very suitable for the bride: rose, peony, round orchid, lilies, roses, lavender, and more. It is also possible to weave a bouquet for a bride of one type of flower or for exchanges to weave several types of flowers so that the bouquet is more diverse and catches the eye.

Consider the season

When choosing the flowers in advance the seasons should be taken into account, not only in terms of seasonal flowering but suitability for the atmosphere. Some flowers reflect spring character, summer flowers.