Purpose of using 11 plus practice papers

Important things you need to know about 11 plus exams

The 11+ is just an exam followed in many states and those who are looking for an entrance to particular private schools. It is usually taken towards the end of five years or starting of six years of primary school. Actually, the 11 plus exams are used to find the most academically able children. However, the major content of this exam differs between the different areas of the country, but most commonly, it will majorly concentrate different subjects. Even though, the maths and English tests incline to follow national curriculum, while the verbal and non-verbal spatial awareness or reasoning tests are not school oriented subjects and also will not be educated as portion of the curriculum in the state schools as well.

Useful tips for students and parents those who have been through 11 plus

Below are some of the useful tips for students and parents from those who have been through 11 plus exam process:

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  • First of all, you do not overwork your child, rather you let them to lot of breaks, even if they are only five or ten minutes long. This would assist them to take it everything in.
  • You should also bear in mind that typically an attention span of your child ranges between thirty minutes to fifty minutes. A portion of build up process is to increasingly improve the attention period.
  • In fact, active revision is one of the best ways to learn, which means that a lot of simulated 11 plus exam questions or past papers in exam conditions.
  • The visual assistance like a mind map explaining the entire different components of a topic, which wants to be studied. This could be very useful to review a subject and you need to work hard to score high marks.
  • You can easily achieve with the help of best tutor.

When to begin tutoring for 11+?

Many children will start their tutoring in either January or September of year five. In areas, where the 11 plus exams cover curriculum topics such as maths or English, some parents might select to utilize a particular tutor for a subject from the earlier age to deal with recognized weaknesses in those subjects. In such subjects, the fee of specific tuition is somewhat higher and you need to prefer the best one based on the coaching and fees.