Learn more about Online Game Counter-Strike 1.6

 There are times in life, where people are looking for things to spend their free time on. These things enable you to relax and enjoy, to escape stress in life. With the advent of technology, people no longer have to go to other places to find such things. A very popular hobby these days is playing online games.

Even though online gaming is a form of entertainment and fun. It can help children improve strategic thinking and nurture relationships with friends. Also, develop their creativity. Still, it needs the guidance and support of parents. Especially for children 18 years below. There are a lot of available games to try on, one of these is the Counter-Strike 1.6.

Counter-Strike 1.6

 Counter-Strike 1.6 is a multiplayer first-person shooter. Created initially by Jess Cliffe and Minh Le. It is the most well-known online team shooter in history. It has the best features and settings. A great place for gamers to show their mouse skills. Counter-Strike has two teams that need to face each other to do a set goal. These teams are divided into anti-terrorist and terrorists strike teams. And must battle against each other to place and rescue hostages. Also, to deactivate bombs or keep them respectively.

There are few seconds provided to buy equipment before the game starts. They can select various weapons, grenades, and body armor. Even the disposal equipment for bombs. The amount earned in previous rounds can be used to buy this equipment. The free, browser-friendly cs 1.6 indir Türk game is available now. With servers in Europe, Asia, Canada, India, Brazil, and the US.


 In Counter-Strike there are three official scenarios. The hostage rescue, bomb defusal, and Assassination. Each with its teams, maps, and objectives. All the official maps were eliminated before the game’s release.

  • Hostage rescue- the hostages in this scenario are being held by the Terrorists. Official maps present between 3 and 5 hostages. Though maps mainly feature 4 hostages. The Counter-Terrorist team has to save these hostages. By protecting them to a hostage rescue area. The Terrorists have to stop the hostages from being rescued. Success can also be achieved by eliminating the opposing team.
  • Bomb defusal- in this scenario, the bomb must be planted at a bombsite. After that, a certain amount of time the bomb will explode. The Counter-Terrorist team can try to defuse the bomb. The Terrorists will win the round, once the bomb explodes.
  • Assassination- has a single map and the least well-known of the three. Both teams have a minimal arsenal of weapons available to buy.


 Counter-Strike features a wide variety of maps that take place in various environments. Including the Arctic, Urban, Jungle, and desert settings.

You can now enjoy playing Valves classic shooter Counter-Strike 1.6 in a web browser. No installation is needed, without paying any or register for anything. You can easily load up the game and battle it out. The graphics may look outdated, yet it’s neat.