Mysterious Tamil Webseries Must See - Irai

Mysterious Tamil Webseries Must See – Irai

Do you enjoy watching dark and mysterious content? Watch Irai, a Tamil webseries.The plot of Irai Deals with several Dark and mysterious social evils, such as the exploitation of children in the real world. This web TV gives us a glimpse of the world of law and order to cure social evils.

Irai is a unique Tamil web series. If you want to watch the following web series, you can watch it on Aha. Aha is one of the most popular OTT platforms that streams vernacular content.

The cast of Irai 

The film Irai was co-produced by Aha and Sarath Kumar’s wife, Radhika. It was directed by the talented Rajesh M. Selva. The star casting of the web series Rai is Sarath Kumar, who plays the lead role. The other supporting cast of the movie is Abishek Shankar and Srikrishna Dayal. 

Story of Irai

The plot of the movie Irai is structured from the book “ Birds of Prey.” The movie constantly shows the perspective of two timelines. As the entire plot is revealed to you, you will notice a connection between the two timelines.

The Khol Revelation that is presented in the web series is related to the kidnap drama. The story of the web series deals with the kidnapping case of a high-profile politician. This leads to the investigation of The Mysterious disappearance of influential men from significant families. As the plot unfolds, ACP Robert Vasudevan is presented in charge of the case. The rest of the episodes present how he investigates and reaches a conclusion.

What to expect from Irai ?

The cast of Iran has played an excellent role in establishing the density of the series. Even though the series deals with several serious agendas, we get to notice an emotional angle of the lead character.

There is also the right amount of drama in the web series to make the series impactful. Irai has a great narrative with a well-executed direction.

Watch the Thriller and Mysterious web series.

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